Top FAQs To Know When Playing Online Live Casino

Top FAQs To Know When Playing Online Live Casino

Planning to play an online live casino for the very first time? Confused if it is safe to play or not? If yes, you are at the right place.

Beginners often get occupied with several types of questions that, if remain unanswered, keep disrupting the online casino experience of the player. As a result of this, some players get dissatisfied with the type of experience they receive, while some players don’t even try to play any of the games.

Hence, if you too have several questions in mind, scroll down to find the popular FAQs that will help you clear all your doubts about the game.

Q1. What Is a Live Casino?

Ans. It is a type of online casino, which is streamed live on your screen, represented by a live dealer who welcomes you to the virtual casino and helps you play different games. You need not to worry about the rules and strategy of any game, as the live dealer will communicate all of them to you, before beginning the game.

Q2. Can I Play Casino Games For Real Money?

Ans. Yes, of course. There are multiple types of casino games online, which help you win ‘real cash’. Some of the most popular casino games include slot games, blackjack, baccarat, roulette, casino poker etc. You may even find instant-win games, such as scratch cards, virtual sports and progressive jackpot slot games.

Q3. Are The Outcomes Of The Online Casino Game Fixed?

Ans. No. The games are offered by trusted casino game suppliers and are licensed by the government and concerned authorities. Hence, you can be rest assured that the payouts are fair. The outcomes of an online casino game are generated through an RNG (random number generator), which further makes sure that the outcomes are not fixed.

Q4. What Is RTP?

Ans. When playing online live casino, you must be aware of some basic terms, such as RTP, which refers to the percentage of money bet, deemed to be returned to the player over a course of time.

Q5. What Exactly Is a Wagering Requirement In Online Casino Games?

Ans. No player can immediately withdraw the bonus amount without playing the game. You will have to bet a certain amount of money (multiple of your bonus) to withdraw the bonus amount. For example, if the wagering requirement is 35 times the bonus, and you got a bonus of $100, then to be able to withdraw the bonus, you will first have to make a bet of $3500.

Q6. Where Can I Get The Best Odds Of Winning?

Ans. Experts say that games which offer a higher RTP are known to offer the best odds of winning. Apart from the RTP factor, your chances of winning also depend on the type of bets you make and the playing strategy.

If you ever come across any issues or problems related to the game, you can always search for possible solutions on the internet or check the terms & conditions of the game. As far as safety is concerned, you must know that they are completely safe to play; just choose the right casino.